Trimm-King double wide, medium, wooden handle

Trimm-King double wide, medium, wooden handle

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New Trimm-King, for everybody who likes the hair only on his animal!

This new Trimm-comb was tested thoroughly and all test-copies were withheld by our testers, because they did not want to renounce any more this tool.
In contrast to comparable devices available in trade our Trimm-King does not cut definitively.
fur care without pains for your animal!

Trimm-King is suited very well for trimming and dewooling.
The most different kinds of fur are no problem for Trimm-King.
  • Speedy and careful application with dog, cat, horse.
  • Loose hair are certainly removed, besides, it plays no role whether deck hair or unterwool.
  • By regular application of the Trimm-King the loose hair has no more the possibility to felt, through this it is bent forward many skin illnesses.
  • The absolutely painless application also persuades your darling and the acceptance of the fur care is clearly increased.
  • Even very sensitive cats can be worked on with Trimm-King easily. Many cats suffer from inflammations in the stomach-intestinal area which have to heal no chance, because hair is taken up by the constant cleaning about the tongue of the cat over and over again. This is prevented by the use Trimm-King and with it such inflammations can heal clearly quick.
You will be surprised, in what a short time you will find no more animal hair in the flat or in the car, because you
are able to remove the loose hair directly by the producer (your animal) by using the Trimm-King in time.

We are happy to inform you about a price change of this product respectively when it hits the price you want to purchase.

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