Quality by Tradition

alcosologo.jpgALCOSO was founded in 1821 and dealt in the beginnings with the production of scissors, penknives etc., so with the typical assortment of the " Solinger Cutlery”. In the course of the years the base assortment was extended by clippers as well as in the war time necessarily also shining weapons.

The founder of the company ALCOSO Alexander Coppel, Solingen war was of Jewish descent. As a result of that the owners during the Nazi time were made sell ALCOSO to a ridiculous price, then after the II.WW a balance was created by means of additional payments to the surviving relatives . The shining weapons were removed from the assortment and one concentrated again upon the family assortment. The clippers played a more and more important role and dominated the scope of business. Within Solingen there were 3 companies them these clippers produced and of course there was violent competition between these companies. As a result of a hard prizefighting a company stopped to produce on clippers, an other one went to bankruptcy, ALCOSO survived till the end, indeed, so groggy that ALCOSO also had to announce insolvency in the nineties. A former supplier (clippers clutches) from Velbert acquired the rests of ALCOSO of the insolvency governor.

1996 his new owner of the company ALCOSO also came to economic difficulties. He was to be sold constrained-

ly ALCOSO, the today's owner of ALCOSO acquired the company 1996. In the beginnings still primarily clippers were produced and afterwards after a consolidation phase the assortment was extended by special scissors again.

1999 ALCOSO took over the company „Carl Melcher“, and together with this company ALCOSO bought also the trademark „MARS“ registered since 1902 as well as the whole assortment on pet grooming articles. Building up on this and the available established clientele enlarged ALCOSO this area hard. Own developments of articles followed in this area.

2000 ALCOSO also acquired the company "Otto Bush" together with the brand "World champion" Otto Bush was a manufacturer active in the hairdresser's area of scissors with a very good call. ALCOSO grew further and by the new products meanwhile introduced in the market in the animal care area MARS concentrated ALCOSO exclusively on this area and sold the area "World champion" in 2003.

Since that time developed ALCOSO a huge number of special tools to the animal care and of "Coat King" takes a prominent position. In the meantime, has acquired itself ALCOSO with the Mars products, building up on the available name recognition, worldwide an excellent call and has become in the professional professional circles an inalienable special supplier.

Now ALCOSO exports in more than 80 lands worldwide. By the back meditation on craft tradition and the use of high-class materials the excellent call of the brand “MARS” founds itself for absolute top products in the animal care area.

At the same time ALCOSO is a very innovative company and the ear has been aimed any time in the customer to be able to come at his wishes, this is also the base for the development of new products, this book impressively a whole row of patents and utility models. ALCOSO has come along it task to make available products to the animal friends in the dog and horse area who simplify the care of her darling clearly.

This always happens in according to:

So carefully as at all possibly for the animal.
So effective and simply in the use as possible for the holder.

This philosophy is moved on a so high level of quality that all „Mars“ products have a very high live span and clearly contrast with “stinginess is cool” articles.