Horse stripper
      Horse stripper

      Horse stripper

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      Horse stripper

      Horse stripper

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      Triple working size especially for HORSES in coat change.

      This metal comb consists of a precious wood handle (thermo beech)

      and stainless hardened steel blades. (Blade distance 1,5mm, extra fine)

      In this version the blades are changeable as a complete head !

      The special geometry of the blades guarantees with proper use a good penetration into the coat.

      You are able to remove effectively and gently about 90% of the loose dead hair.

      Easy to use: apply light pressure on the coat and comb out in the direction of growth

      (in long moves), then remove hair from the blades by hand.

      The leather rim should be placed around the wrist, so you have full freedom of movement

      even with a restless horse and can simply let go of the curry comb without it falling.

      Suitable for normal haired breeds.

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